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Sometimes you need a helping hand behind the scenes.

Whether it’s freeing your time up, managing work overflow, expanding your offerings or growing your business.

I can help you with the following web design and graphic design services:

Services and Pricing

Custom Website Design

I specialise in designing and building custom, visually beautiful and high-performing websites using WordPress (Elementor Pro ). I create flexible, tailored websites that align with your client’s needs and marketing objectives, incorporating their branding consistently throughout the design.

Prices start at $3,000 plus GST

White Label Case Studies Web Design

Website Audit & Project Scope

Do you have a client who needs a new website, but you’re unsure of the exact scope and requirements to include in the proposal? I’ll audit your client’s current site, provide recommendations and give you the insights and language you need to create a compelling proposal that will get the job over the line. You’ll be able to pass on the audit report to the client. As always, everything is white labelled with your brand. 

Prices start at $500 plus GST

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Does your client need a website but their branding is outdated or not in line with their marketing objectives? I can take your brand strategy and create the visual identity to bring it to life in a timely way that gets the website up without roadblocks.

From logo design, colour palette, typography, image style, icons and other design assets. All brought together in a brand guidelines document that will ensure consistency through all marketing communications.

Prices start at $2,500 plus GST

Website Copywriting

When it comes to websites, words matter. I will craft persuasive, SEO-friendly content that speaks directly to your client’s ideal audience, all in their brand voice and personality.

Taking one more thing off your plate, ensuring quality of content, and managing one less supplier – it’s a win-win for you and your client.

Prices start at $400 per page plus GST

Image Sourcing for Websites

If your client needs a website, but hasn’t got the budget for professional photography – or if getting photography is holding up the website process – the website can still look amazing.

With access to a large number of stock photography libraries, both paid and free, I can find the perfect visuals without the hassle.

My image sourcing service curates high-quality images and graphics, which align seamlessly with your client’s brand, and without looking too “stocky”.

Prices start at $400 plus GST

On Page SEO

We all know that being found on search engines is crucial for the success of a website. So even if your client is not ready to invest in ongoing SEO and paid advertising, it’s still important that the website is optimised for search engines.

So, as part of all my website design packages, I offer on page SEO as well as maintaining links, page titles and redirects from their existing site.

Prices (included in website packages)

SEO Keyword Strategy

No previous SEO strategy or the current one isn’t performing? My SEO expert will research and analyse the best keywords for your client’s industry and I’ll implement them throughout the site to improve search rankings and drive targeted traffic.

Price starts at $1,500 plus GST

Graphic Design

Need a lead magnet, e-book, brochure, stationery, social media templates or other design items to reinforce the client’s brand?

I can create compelling visuals tailored to your campaigns, ensuring your marketing materials are not just seen but remembered.

Prices on an hourly rate or project basis, depending on the job.

Break Free Website Re-creation & Transfer

Is your client’s website trapped in a restrictive platform that limits their ability to get updates made? Or are they stuck in a hosting agreement that doesn’t allow any changes to be made in-house, leading to long lead times and high hourly rates? I can help. 

I’ll recreate the existing website in a user-friendly platform, that makes it possible to make updates as needed. 

I’ll also provide expert guidance on selecting a hosting provider that gives your client full ownership and control over their website. As well as video training in how to make basic updates in-house.

Prices start at $2,000 plus GST

Whether it’s zesty designs, pithy prose or evocative imagery, I can take care of any and all aspects of the web design process. 

With transparent project fees, you just pay for what you need. ie. the juice (no pips).

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