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Let’s get rid of your website overwhelm…

One of the biggest barriers to getting a website done is the sense of overwhelm when getting started. Here are 3 ways Lemon Crush can get rid of that overwhelm and create an amazing site for you and your business.
Get rid of your website overwhelm with Lemon Crush

You’ve been thinking…. “hmmmm I need a new website…”⁠

So you sit down to make a list (with your pen and notepad if you’re old school like me) and begin to ponder… ⁠

“What pages will I need? What is outdated on my site? What functionality do I need? Do I still need a blog? Do my colours still work? OMG do I need to get a new logo done too? And what about photos? And the words? Oh no! I need to write all the words… And I know I need SEO but who does that? And I pay something monthly, but what am I paying for? I’d love to add a lead magnet but how do I add that to my site? ⁠

Aaaaah! It is too hard. I’ll think about it next month….” ⁠

And next month never comes…Familiar? I know…. ⁠

But please bear with me! There is a way to get an amazing website without the overwhelm.⁠

In fact, my job is to take away your website overwhelm. And deliver you a beautiful, functional, high performing website. For a reasonable cost. And a short timeframe.⁠

1. Simplify. ☑️⁠

I have created a very clear, step by step process that we work through to get the end result. I give you lots of support, lots of guidance, at your pace.⁠

2. One Stop Shop. 🛑⁠

I don’t just offer the design – I can take over as much of the process as you need. Branding & Logo. Copywriting. Image Sourcing. On page SEO. Hosting and Maintenance. Updates and Additions. Make the most of my 20+ years experience as a marketer, designer and communications professional – and get it all done in one place. ⁠

3. Flexibility. 🧘🏽‍♀️⁠

Your website should be as individual as you and your business. I have packages from landing pages all the way through to complex e-commerce sites. All packages can be customised to your objectives and needs. ⁠