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Do I need to rebrand for my new website?

One of the most common questions I get asked when we start the website process is: do I need to rebrand? Here are 5 signs that the answer might be YES! (and if it's yes - it's actually exciting!)

There are lots of reasons you choose to invest in a new website. You may just be starting out in your business. You may have been in business a while and your services have changed or expanded. Or your existing website may just need an update or modernisation.

Whatever the reason, once we start down the website design path, many of my clients start to ask themselves (and me!) some other questions…. 

Do my colours still work? Is my logo outdated? Is this look really me? OMG my photos are from 5 years ago! Are these messages still relevant to my business? Basically – you start questioning your whole brand. 

I promise that this is actually a great sign and no reason to panic! It’s actually a perfect time to take a step back and review your brand.

And remember, I offer brand design services. So we can add this to your website design package and ensure the best version of you and your brand is reflected on your new website, without adding any significant time or overwhelm to the process. Plus, it will give your investment longevity, growth and is even more exciting!

So if you are questioning your brand, here are 5 signs that you may need a refresh:

1. You’ve outgrown your brand

You’ve been in business for a while and things have changed… your focus and direction, your services, or even your ideal clients. Your name, look or logo just don’t represent where your business is heading.

2. You’re embarrassed to share your brand.

You cringe when you need to give someone a business card, or avoid sharing your website with potential clients. I’ve even had new clients that are too embarrassed to show me their existing branding! A definite sign that it is time to move on! Particularly when showcasing your brand is the whole point of a new website!

3. You’re attracting the wrong clients

You are getting leads but the thought of working with them doesn’t light you up or make you feel excited. You’re attracting people that aren’t willing or ready to pay for what you believe you are worth. Or you aren’t attracting any leads at all? It’s definitely time to reevaluate your brand strategy.

4. You don’t stand out or you aren’t being authentically YOU
Do you look like everyone else? Are you putting yourself out there? Could a client pick you out of a line up? Then you definitely need to look at your brand personality, your values and your key messages through a brand strategy. I am strong, strong believer in authenticity. Without it, you won’t reach your true potential and you won’t ever truly feel satisfied in your business. I can help you find the true YOU in your brand, and reignite your business passion.

5. Gut feel
Let’s be honest… if you are even feeling hesitant about your brand or questioning what you are sharing with your audience, then it’s probably time to go back to the beginning and move through the brand development process. It will give you clarity and direction in your communications and help you feel more confident and proud of your brand. 

So if any of these signs are flashing neon in your mind – let’s chat about incorporating branding into the website process.