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Boosting Business with White Label Collaboration: A Marketing Consultant’s Success Story

Dive into how a strategic partnership with Lemon Crush enabled a marketing consultant to broaden her services, boost her revenue, and achieve significant business growth. This case study reveals the transformative power of white label collaboration.

Ever wonder how expanding your services can skyrocket your business? That's exactly what happened when a savvy marketing consultant in the medical field teamed up with us at Lemon Crush.

Let’s peel back the layers of this success story to show you the juicy details of growth and collaboration.


A top-notch marketing consultant with a knack for medical marketing strategy, spotted an opportunity to enhance her offerings. Her clients needed more than just strategy; they needed the full package – branding and websites that spoke their language.


Limited Offerings:

She was brilliant at strategy but wanted to add branding and web development into her mix without straying from her expertise.

Expertise Gap:

Web design wasn’t her jam, so she needed a partner to fill in the blanks without skipping a beat.

The Solution

Enter Lemon Crush. We joined forces to weave our web and branding services into her business, making her one-stop shop dreams a reality. 

The Results

Expanded Service Portfolio

My client now offers a comprehensive suite of services, including marketing strategy, branding, and website development, under her brand.

Increased Revenue

With our partnership, the consultant adds up to a 50% markup on our project fees, significantly increasing her revenue.

Long Term Partnership

Over the course of five years, we’ve collaborated on dozens of projects, and our partnership remains strong. She continues to rely on Lemon Crush as her partner for all branding, design, and website work.

Exponential Business Growth

The consultant’s business has experienced remarkable growth, expanding her client base
and reputation in the medical field. Her clients consistently praise the quality of branding and websites delivered.

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