Let’s get rid of your website overwhelm…

Get rid of your website overwhelm with Lemon Crush

One of the biggest barriers to getting a website done is the sense of overwhelm when getting started. Here are 3 ways Lemon Crush can get rid of that overwhelm and create an amazing site for you and your business.

Do I need to rebrand for my new website?

do i need to rebrand for my new website?

One of the most common questions I get asked when we start the website process is: do I need to rebrand? Here are 5 signs that the answer might be YES! (and if it’s yes – it’s actually exciting!)

Which website design package is right for me?

Which website package is right for me? Lemon Crush Blog

Each package will take you through the planning and strategy phase that will ensure your site is high performing and achieves your objectives.

I will create a website that you are proud of and that truly represents the authentic you – differentiating you from competitors and attracting your dream clients. But which package will best suit your objectives?

My 6 Step Website Design Process

6 step website design process

Here is my process from taking you from the very beginning of the website design process, through content preparation, design, going live and post project support.